When suspected of or charged with a cross-border anticompetitive act, enterprises must undergo substantial unpredictable difficulties – internal investigation, identification of legal and reputation risks, strategy building for minimizing risks, disciplinary action for the employees concerned, language barriers, and so forth.

In fact, due to the reinforcement of antitrust regulation by DOJ (the United States Department of Justice), more and more global companies are facing billions of dollars of penalty charges and imprisonment of their employees in US. Likewise, other import jurisdictions such as EU, Japan and other Asian countries have been launching a strict crackdown on corporate fraud in recent years. Naturally, the enhancement of risk assessment and risk management is becoming more and more imminent for global enterprises.

To hedge all the confusions and risks stem from cartel suspicion, the first action to be taken is TO CHOOSE AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY who are familiar with antitrust laws and leniency policies in each country. Our practices cover a broad range of fields – legal procedures, internal settlement, press control, and compliance building for the future precautions. To top it all, all the services are provided in English. When companies are at great risk, we quickly assess the risk both from civil and criminal perspectives, build cost-effective strategy according to the risk level, corporate with local lawyers, and achieve minimal damage to the companies.

Those who may apply to the following conditions, please feel free to contact us:

  • Foreign company whose partner in Japan including their own subsidiary involves in an international cartel
  • Foreign company that may subject to be punished under the Japanese antitrust laws
  • Japanese company that involves in an international cartel, violating antitrust laws either in Japan or overseas

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