Amid ongoing globalization of business, penalties for anti-bribery have been tightened year by year in recent years. For instance, when accused of corruption in US, a company must bear incredible risks of ending up with multibillion dollar of penalty charges and imprisonment of employees. Worse yet, the procedures they may undergo is not only criminal charges – but the other charges such as civil action and class action, all of which could increase a reputation risk and risk of disposition by suspension of business. Bribery litigation in Japan is no exception.

Suppose a company faces billions of dollars of penalty, liability for damages, imprisonment of their employees, a reputation risk, several months of business suspension, and an enormous amount of legal expenses – what would be the survival chances of the company? As a matter of fact, in many cases, companies are paying unnecessarily large amount of attorney’s fee.

The service we provide is feasible solutions for preventing and minimizing the above-mentioned risks in the most cost-efficient way. Where we need to work in conjunction with local attorneys in the other country to manage a cross-border investigation or issue, we form integrated teams and arrange a high-quality service efficiently.

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