Today’s global market brings valuable business opportunities – as well as compliance challenges and more severe penalty for violation. Before conducting international transactions (such as sales, production, procurement, M&A and R&D), legitimacy of the business activities in each country must be carefully investigated. Needless to say, having a multijurisdictional compliance system is more essential than ever to international companies. In order to avoid breaching laws as typified by antitrust and FCPA (The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), companies must have an attorney who can create a proper compliance system to prevent the great risk, and quickly coordinate cross-border internal investigations to determine the scope of the problem to minimize the risk when the government arrives at the door.

Our legal service starts by diminishing the potential risk – establishment of corporate compliance programs, provision of legal advice at a practical level, and training of employees in Japan. When companies facing cross-border litigation, we also act as an advocate during investigations, by cooperating with local lawyers to create the best solutions at minimal cost.

Should you need any consultation or legal advice, please feel free to contact us. Our professional attorney with great experience in corporate compliance will assist you in all aspects.

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