Genta Irie


Genta has experience in legal practice as a corporate attorney, including international legal works, establishment of compliance system and risk management. Currently, he provides legal works and advisory for several companies. His motto is to "be an attorney who I want to use".

During his work at Public Prosecutor's Office, Genta investigated series of murders (with death penalty), frauds, briberies, bid-rigging cases, and conflicts among violent groups. Later, as an attorney, he involved in international cartel cases, legal and immigration works for one of the most famous martial arts entities, lawsuit of a major bank, international arbitration proceedings, international bankruptcy liquidation of major foreign bank, execution of sentence given abroad in Japan, international civil cases, and legal works for professional baseball player.

Thanks to his broad experience in legal works and high English skills, he is currently involved in wide range of domestic and international cases. Now that DOJ and European/Asian authorities are reienforcing their supervisory functions, he also focuses on establishment of compliance system and countermeasures for international lawsuits, with high-quality and efficient legal services which global companies need the most.

Work History

2000 Appointed as a prosecutor
2003 Retired (prosecutor at Public Prosecutors Offices in Tokyo district, Kobe district, and Fukuoka district)
2006 Graduated from UCDavis Law School (LL.M.)
Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices (partner)
Pioneer (corporate attorney)
Irie-Oguri Law Office (partner)
2015 Established Azabu International Law Office


I have interests in many things. For instance, I’m really into sports starting from scuba diving, swimming supervising and marathon. Scuba diving was my every day workout when I was working part-time at the hotel in Izu, and swimming supervising had been my part-time job for almost 10 years. My current target for the marathon is to finish 42.195 km in less than 3.5 hours.

I’m also passionate about cooking. Japanese cuisine is my specialty – I usually start from making broth. In my house, Umeboshi (pickled ume), Nukazuke (pickles made in brine and fermented rice bran) and Takuan (yellow pickled radish) are all handmade. Sometimes I go fishing and make sushi with fresh fish by myself (I used to take Sushi cooking classes). I’m on track so far this year; I’ve already prepared 30 kg of Umeboshi and I’m seeking opportunities to catch a tuna.

As you can easily imagine, I very much like eating delicious foods. Finding nice restaurants, taking my clients/friends there, and watching them being amazed by the taste, are my most favorite things. Not only the A-grade gourmet but I’m also into B-grade gourmet.


Kazuhiro Yamakawa


After graduating from the Nihon university, Mr. Yamakawa passed the national bar exam. He practiced as a prosecutor at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutors Office, and the Civil Affairs Bureau at Ministry of Justice, before starting working as an attorney. Since then, he became a professor at the law faculty of the Nihon university and currently teaches civil law as a professor emeritus of the university.

Mr. Yamakawa actively engaged in social activities as well as study activities, and has been acting as a committee of Central Council on Defense Facilities, an ad hoc committee of Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council, an ad hoc committee of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council, a councilor of Defense Facilities Environs Improvement Association, and a commissioner of Japan Association of Private Law.

He is also an author of several books regarding civil laws, legal papers, and exegesis of legal precedent.

Work History

1968 Graduated from Law Faculty of Nihon University
1971 Appointed as a Prosecutor
1983 Became an Associate Professor at Nihon University
1990 Became a Professor at Law Faculty of Nihon University
2004 Became a Professor at Nihon University Law School
2011 Appointed as a Statutory Auditor at Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
2014 Completed PhD (Law) degree
2015 Became a Professor Emeritus of Nihon University
Joined to Azabu International Law Office

Message from Mr. Yamakawa

Not many people have an opportunity to practice as a prosecutor, and the experience I had back then even seems like a dream for me. When looking back the past events with my previous colleagues, we usually indulged in our great memories together.

Experiences I had were very rich - I was asked to be a prosecutor for a gang group at the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutors Office, acted as a prosecutor for foreigners whom I investigated in my poor English, and tried to solve the case caused by an American soldier based on Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement. On top of that, when I was working at the Civil Affairs Bureau at Ministry of Justice, there were many law amendment or new laws introduced including Company Act, Civil Execution Act, Inheritance Law, and Act on Establishment of Security Interests by Use of Provisional Registration. Discussion went late every day, and I often visited Legislative Bureau.

At the university, I've been providing lectures, saying that "I've sent many bad people to jails, so now I would rather focus on sending good people to the society". I also had a chance to teach at the University of California, or to study at the University of New South Wales. All of those are my great memories.