We provide one-stop service in high quality.

Azabu International Law Office provides broad range of legal services, from criminal investigation including white collar cases to corporate legal works such as visa request and contract review. When companies facing international litigation including cartel and bribery, we offer one-stop services for all legal arrangements as well as subsequent compliance improvement. Unlike law firms providing single-price flat services, we assess the potential risks for each case and advise the most cost-effective solutions accordingly.


Our focus is always on practical solution.

Foreign entities conducting business in Japan and foreign citizens living in Japan are constantly exposed to unexpected legal risks, due to the ignorance of the laws of Japan. When facing any infringement act, the seemingly most rational option is to consult large law firms with substantial amount of money – simply because they provide services in English (unfortunately, there are only a few English-speaking lawyers in Japan).

Granted, famous law firms may achieve good results. The truth is, however, the same level of services (or even better services) can be provided by small law offices. The most important thing is to choose a credible attorney who have experiences in the relevant field and offer low-risk solutions in the most cost-effective way. We have a very skilled English-speaking attorney with practical experiences in international lawsuits (antitrust, bribery, other crimes, etc.), corporate matters (compliance, etc.), and even legal support for athletes.


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